My story of photography and styling has become a journey, not a destination.  It is a journey of determination and continual growth. A lover of beauty and details, I pretty much dabbled in every form of the Arts in different periods throughout my life. Although I was not quite sure where I fit. I have always been driven by the need to create something, compelled to bring out or uncover the beauty in my home, environment and the world. I love stories. They have always fascinated me. Questions would arise such as, “What brought this woman to where she is?”, or “How did he make it here?” The cliché saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” rings true for it is in photographs, that our own stories are told. My purpose behind my work is to bring out that beauty and to discover that story.

The diversity of beauty is found in the smallest detail and larger picture, the delicacy of femininity and boldness of masculinity, and the balance of nature and man-made. I am moved by it all. It drives me.

I am a wife and momma to two boys: Liam and James. My work and my family sustain me and they are deeply interconnected. We reside in South Florida and love to soak up the sun. I am an optimist, explorer and dreamer, all qualities which have led me to where I belong.

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